Saturday, January 07, 2006

Don't Be Shy!!

Someone asked me the other day how many hits I'd been getting. Well I'm not especially techy and had no idea. The template I followed for the blog did not include a hit counter and I had only ever had one person post a reply on here!! So I guessed 2.

"Why bother?" they snorted and it set the old grey cells whirring. Why bother, indeed.

On Friday I discovered how to add a hit counter and you can see it right at the bottom of the page. 12 hits so far, I think, so if you read this you are in exclusive company!!

Interestingly the hit counter also collates some basic info about those viewing this blog* and I can reveal that people from such diverse places as Watford, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Plymouth, Leeds, LA, Lancaster (or perhaps Blackpool), Eldrup (Denmark) and Holmdel (New Jersey) have visited. Some of them more than once so my ramblings can't be too boring.

Quite how the counter knows where you are I don't know but it is at least mildly interesting for me to find out even if it is only vaguely accurate.

I assume that those who have peeked are all Argyle fans. I reckon I can guess the IDs of two of you (Ed and Andy) - as for the rest of you let yourselves be known and post a reply. You must have some kind of response to my musings. Self-important and opinionated drivel you may consider it to be and fair enough to those that do. Just don't be afraid to say so!!

*There is some other stuff generated by the counter but it's very dull. If you click on the counter itself you can view it all.


At 10:37 pm, Anonymous Ivor said...

Your ramblings on here are certainly better than those you inflict upon an ungrateful audience on the PASOTI website. Seems you've lost your style somewhat since your certain local difficulty...?


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