Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Coming Soon

Over on the Pasoti boards for some time now a fella named PL2 3DQ has been writing match reports for most of the home games. I think they are brilliant and deserve wider recognition than they get there. I suggested to him that he start blogging his reports so that they hung around in cyberspace for a while longer than they do on Pasoti but he didn't want to.

Until now that has meant that they have sadly just dropped off into the great void. Well here's some good news!! I have asked him if he minds that I copy them onto here and he does not. I don't know if he has an archive of these things or not but at present the furthest back I can go is to the Sheffield Wednesday game. Sadly PL2 decided that a holiday was more important than Argyle and so this is his first effort for this season.

The match reports that will follow in due course are all his work. Not mine. I take no credit for them at all other than to say I know a good thing when I see it and that he has been asked for and granted his permission for me to copy them.


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