Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hop Farm Re-Visited And Some Other Reviews

Here is an attempt to re-create the performance by Neil Young via the medium of You Tube!!

Love And Only Love:

Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black:

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere:

I've Been Waiting For You:

Spirit Road:

Oh Lonesome Me:

Old Man:

Introducing The Band:

Get Back To The Country:

A Day In The Life:

Review from The Independent

Amiable? He didn't see the gig the way I did!!

More comments here:

Thrasherswheat - a blog

The NotW!!

liammacuid - a blog



At 5:41 am, Blogger Andy said...

Wow, it was just like being there ... only warmer and drier!

v. best
Andy (from Kuala Lumpur)


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