Friday, February 26, 2010

Sutton High School 1981

Chapter 1


Fairly recently I joined Facebook. I'd just missed a Christmas get-together whilst my wife was out for her works do. I was a bit bored and so signed up. Whilst signing up I linked my address book to Facebook users and sent out a request for friends where the email addresses matched up. This has created a random bunch of friends involving family members, schoolmates, old work colleagues, fellow students and mates from Argyle.

One of them, Neil Manley, kind of fits 2 categories. Anyway he found the facebook group "Sutton High (Plymouth)" set up by Michael Lawton. In turn he had posted scans of the Sutton High '81 school photo. I have never been so shocked in my life and I don't think I have ever even seen it before. I certainly don't have a copy.

Anyway I have stitched the scans together into one image and you can see it below if all goes to plan. It may be re-sized and be too small to be much use but if you click on it it will enlarge.

It still appears to be small but if you press and <+> a few times it will enlarge.

Chapter 2

Well I've just checked and the image is still too small to be of much use. I'll get the image hosted somewhere and link directly to it when I have time.

Chapter 3

I have hosted the image here:
CLICK ME. You'll be able to see it there and copy it if you want to.

Alternatively you could download it and then open using MS Paint which
will enable you to see the image as clearly as possible ~ it is worth the effort. Sorry the merging software has curved it a bit but what can you do?

Chapter 4

I guess some names would help (I can only imagine the shock if google ever coughs this up to any of them). From left to right (but not in order or complete):

Richard Fowler, Ollie Alston, Dean Hawkins, Mark Hodgkinson, Mike Dwyer, Brian Brett, Tony Bolton, Laurence Cook, Colin McEwen, Roger Willis, Steve Mannell, Colin Bettinson, Obi Saha, Suresh Nair, Lee Seabrook, Mr. Sanderon, Mr. Carvell, Andy Crabbe, Mr.Furze, Mr.Aldersley, Mr.Jenkins, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Summerell, Mr. Floyd, Paul Hart, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Brasher, Mr. Sanders, Mr. James, Ms. Bridgeman, Mr. Fraser, Rowe, Jeff Poole, Mr. McAllan, Paul Francis, Andrew Wakefield, Mr. Lambert, Mr. Harrington, Stuart Macey, Dave Fenwick, Mrs. Mear, Brian Herbert, Mark Greaves, Mr. Hobbs, Mrs. Shellaker, Andy Turner, Mason Worrell, Mr. Ellis, Gary Smerdon, Rob Rickard, Andy Furzeland, Andrew Ford, Mr. Guest, Mr. Wright, Nick Goodall, Paul Colwill, Terry Harris, Gareth Parnell, Andy Axworthy, Alex Bleier, Collins, Pete Coniam, Paul Stansfield, Mr. Axcell, Jeff Brett, Chris Chambers, Ian Jackson, Chris Creber, Colin Oxenham, James Retallick, Lawrence Body, Paul Bennetts, Mike Whitburn, Stuart Dawe, Steve Bull, Mike Jordan, Paul Dyer, Steve Howells, Mark Woodford, Mike Watt...

The list is by no means complete and sorry for any minor mistakes (it was a very long time ago now!!) but the other names escape me even if faces are familiar and some are on the tip of my tongue and there's one or two I am sure must be there that I haven't named.

There is a 1st former sticking his tongue out. Can you spot him?

Chapter 5

I can add a few more names having spotted a load of temporary prefects near the front. So add in Neil (?) Downing-Waite, Jeremy Kirkby and John Middleton.


At 5:31 pm, Blogger Stuart J Pearce said...

Well there I was idly googling myself to see how famous I have got. Got bored with that very quickly so thought I'd google some old school names, starting with my best pal at the time... John Middleton, who I've hardly seen since I left School... that's when I found this pic. I can't find my visage on there, praps I'd already left by then? But I certainly recognise a few faces, especially the teacher's. Well done for remembering so many names - a useful skill, if you are now a teracher yourself.... and my name? : Stuart Pearce. (yes, I know, I was the 'grey man' so you probably won't remember me) Clue: I was good at art and I did make it into the school rugby team under protest for a season.

At 11:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers Mr Argyll fan ;)

Thanks for posting the pic.
Don't know if I have one.




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