Sunday, November 05, 2006

QPR Match Report - 9/9/6

Argyle 1 QPR 1

Ebanks-Blake 30. Blackstock 16.

Attn: 12,138

McCormick 5, Connolly 5, Doumbe 7, Aljofree 6, Hodges 7, Norris 8, Wotton 7, Nalis 7, Buzsaky 7 (Chadwick), Hayles 8, SEB 8 (Reid).

Subs not used: Sawyer, Summerfield, Capaldi.

We absolutely battered 'em (for most of the game anyway) but "it" just wouldn't fall for Argyle. The front four of Norris, Hayles, SEB and Buzsaky put on a superb attacking display but just couldn't force a way through.

Holloway dropped Chadwick and Capaldi and brought in SEB and Buzsaky, who started on the left of midfield but constantly swapped wings with Norris throughout the game.
Old foe Marc Bircham played in the midfield for QPR, although he has now washed the bird shit out of his hair!

Argyle had the first chance when a Buzsaky free kick was headed just wide by Hayles at the near post. The opening of the game was a very tame affair with both sides content to sit back, the disappointing low crowd were also very quiet.

And then, at last after 3 games with 6 goals all scored in the Barn Park End , a goal in the Devonport End! But it wasn't scored by Argyle. A low cross into the area found former Argyle loanee Blackstock unmarked, McCormick failed to close him down and Blackstock got a touch to put the ball through McCormick's legs and the ball trickled over the line. 1-0 to QPR and another howler from McCormick.

Hayles then had a good shout for a penalty but the ref waved away his appeal. A Buzsaky 25 yard free kick troubled the top of the net as Argyle at last awoke from their slumber.
A Norris cross found Hayles but he headed wide but not to worry because an Argyle goal was on its way. SEB got onto the end of a long ball from Connolly that skimmed a defenders head, he rounded the advancing QPR keeper and from a tight angle slammed the ball in. 1-1.

Argyle were now full of confidence and began to surge forward in numbers, with Hayles and SEB causing all sorts of problems. SEB made a great run to the by-line, pulled the ball back across the goal but it just evaded Hayles' out-stretched toe-nail.

Holloway and Waddock then had a war of words on the touchline in which the fourth official had to sort out. Maybe Waddock was annoyed that Holloway still hadn't cleaned out his desk.

Norris then had a great chance when he closed down an attempted clearance from a defender and only had the keeper to beat, but he couldn't get the bouncing ball under control and the defender got back to clear.

It was all Argyle for the second half, QPR didn't seem interested and just sat back and soaked up wave after wave of Argyle's attacks. Buzsaky beat three defenders and let fly from a tight angle but his effort went wide. As usual we saw the best and worst of Buzsaky today. His simple short passes went astray but his 50 yard Hollywood style passes were bang on the button. It just comes with the territory now, we'll just have to accept it with Buzsaky. His corners were also poor, probably due to his flash yellow banana skin boots. Why? What's wrong with black. Mr Buzz when you are a regular in the team and playing well then you can wear your flash boots!

Aljofree did have to make a great tackle after a mistake by McCormick but apart from that it was all Argyle. Hayles and SEB linked up once again but SEB headed over Hayles' cross from 12 yards out. A sweet one-two between the two strikers put Norris in on goal but he delayed his shot and a QPR defender got back and got a tackle in. SEB then headed over from a Norris cross and ditto for Hayles who did the same from a Hodges cross. Basically there were too many chances to keep a count of.

Holloway replaced the tiring Buzsaky and SEB with Reid and Chadwick (who proved totally ineffective), but the changes didn't work and Argyle's attacks faded away. McCormick did make a good save late in the game but it would have been a travesty if Argyle lost that game.

Argyle should have buried a poor QPR side. The chances were there but the ball just wouldn't go in. QPR were just the same as all the teams coming to Home Park now, looking for a draw or nick a late goal but above all waste as much time as possible.

Hayles and SEB look a real good partnership, both lack the neccessary height but are really strong players. With their short legs and squat, strong torso they do look alike. It was very evident that when Chadwick replaced SEB Argyle's attacking play suffered.

Norris had another great game, whether he was on the left or on the right, he drove the team forward. The defence looked a bit suspect during the first half with Hodges being the pick of the bunch. Connolly had a mare, his passes and tackles didn't find their target but he did have a hand in Argyle's goal. Barness is a better defender but for some reason he's out of favour, so Seip will be in the side soon, I reckon.

Come back Larrieu we need you and quick. The defence are shit scared of McCormick, he doesn't give them confidence, BUT he is a good shot stopper as this game proved.

Holloway had real good moan about the size of the crowd after the Sheffield Wednesday game, well this game at over 2,000 less. Thankfully the packed QPR end boosted the attendance figure.

What a poor turn out, you all missed an entertaining game. Yes, some long balls were still played upfront but the football at other times was very good.

Oh and we had the best ref we have had for a long time.



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