Thursday, November 23, 2006

Norwich match report - 23/09/06

Argyle 3 Norwich City 1

Doherty og 14. Earnshaw 94
Seip 47.
Norris 74.

Attn: 11,813

McCormick 7, Connolly 7, Seip 7, Doumbe 7, Capaldi 8, Norris 8, Wotton 7, Nalis 8, Buzsaky 7( Sawyer 7), Hayles 6 (Chadwick 6), SEB 7( Reid 5).

Subs not used: Summerfield, Djordjic.

Green and Whites v White and Greens.

At last, a home win, so this is how it feels like.

A superb team performance from Argyle saw off a poor Norwich side who were awful in defence.

Norwich wore what looked like Argyle's last seasons away kit. The only down side was the low crowd again and Earnshaw's undeserved late consolation goal.

Seip made his debut in place of Aljofree with Doumbe moving 10 yards to his left. Connolly also came back into the side and Barness was no where to be seen. Wotton was also restored to the starting line up.

Argyle had the first chance when SEB set up Wotton but his shot was straight at the keeper. SEB then had a chance of his own when his ample frame shrugged off two defenders, he got a shot away but it was pushed away by Gallacher for a corner. Capaldi took the resulting corner and up jumped Nalis, except he missed it and the ball sailed on to hit Norwich defender Doherty and bounce over the line. 1-0 to the Greens. That's the Argyle Greens.

A Capaldi cross found Norris who headed towards goal but his effort was cleared off the line. Norwich were prepared to give the Argyle wide men ( Capaldi, Buzsaky, Norris and Connolly ) plenty of room. So these four obliged with cross after cross coming in throughout the game.

Croft for Norwich had a chance when he beat Capaldi to a cross but he put his effort wide. Buzsaky then sent a vicious free kick that Gallacher could only punch away. Earnshaw then beat Doumbe to the ball in the area and from a difficult angle he tried to lob McCormick who back peddled enough to get a finger tip on the ball and send it away, just. Wotton had a quick free kick pushed away for yet another corner and to finish the half McVeigh shot wide following a free kick.

Half time and Djordjic's back to entertain us.

Argyle had the perfect start to the second half when a Capaldi corner found Seip, who headed in from 8 yards to score on his home debut. Capaldi's corners and Argyle's 5 foot tall players were troubling the Norwich defence.

Norwich then brought on Dublin as they switched to a 2 men up front. Hayles, who was struggling with a groin injury, was pulled off by Holloway and Chadwick came on. Soon after, the tiring Buzsaky went off with Sawyer coming on at left back and Capaldi moving forward into midfield.

Chadwick charged down a poor back pass, the Norwich keeper's clearance hit Chadwick but (un)luckily bounced clear of the goal for a goal kick. And then came the goal of the game. Norris picked up the ball ( play on, no hand ball ) just inside his own half and went on a lung bursting run through the Norwich static defence and placed a shot into the corner. 3-0. Game over. The Norwich fans now started chanting "Worthy out!"

Reid then came on for SEB and produced a real selfish cameo, refusing to pass to better placed players on several occasions. And then right at the death, with Argyle looking for their first clean sheet at home, Earnshaw wriggled free in the area, turned and shot past McCormick to make it 3-1. Totally undeserved.

So finally a win at Home Park. Norwich were awful but still had to be beaten. Norwich had the beast at the back that Argyle so crave, but Doherty was about as mobile as an aircraft carrier going up the Tamer! Sure he could head the ball but he couldn't cope with the movement of Argyle's front two, especially SEB. Something for us to think about. Argyle need a mobile beast, not just a brick shit house!

Hayles was very subdued, it looked like he picked up a groin injury early in the game. Buzsaky was just Buzsaky. Simply brilliant to simply frustrating. He still did a job for the team though. Capaldi had his best game for a long, long while. His corners and crossing was the key to winning this game. Indeed Argyle's crossing was excellent thoughout the game. Seip had a good game, he wasn't really tested during the first half because Norwich only played one striker but he coped well when Dublin came on. Seip is not the biggest but he attacks the ball well. Norris was just typical Norris again. Running, running and running but this time he added a goal to his game. Nalis is proving to be a very influential player for Argyle, calm and composed. Wotton had a good game but up come the groans when a pass is miss-placed.

The jury is still out on Reid for me. He never passed but just got his head down and ran and ran. If there was another striker in the squad I don't think Reid would get near the team. Still, he's only young.

Argyle did hit the high long ball during most of the first half, that doesn't work when Hayles and SEB are playing but changed tactics for the second half with shorter balls to feet.

We had another excellent ref, a pity some comments unrelated to football were made by fans near me when a decision went against Argyle.

MOM: Capaldi.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cardiff match report - 12/09/06

Argyle 3 Cardiff 3

McNaughton og. 68. Thompson 7
Hayles 73. Chopra 28
Purse 87 og. Chopra 48

Attn: 11,655

McCormick 6, Barness 4( Buzsaky 8 ) , Doumbe 6, Aljofree 5, Hodges 5, Norris 7, Wotton 6 ( Nalis 7), Summerfield 6, Capaldi 6, Hayles 6, SEB 6(Chadwick).

Subs not used: Seip, Reid.

3 nil and you f***ed it up!

From 68 minutes onwards.... what a game! Argyle came back from 3 nil down and looking a total shambles to suddenly look a decent team and score 3 goals to grab an unexpected point. Buzsaky and Nalis were surprisingly dropped after the QPR game ( what did they do wrong? ) but with the team 3 nil down against Cardiff Holloway seemed to admit his mistake by bringing both players on. They were the catylist for the team to surge forward and score the 3 goals.

But let's be honest here, Argyle were a complete shambles for 68 minutes.

Holloway dropped Nalis and Buzsaky and brought in Summerfield and Capaldi, with Connolly missing through injury Barness got a rare start.

It was Capaldi who had the first chance when he cut in from the left after being set up by SEB, but his shot went wide. And then Hodges was easily beaten for pace by the Cardiff winger Parry who crossed to Thompson who side footed home. 1 nil and Cardiff's first attack. A real soft goal.

Parry was now tormenting Hodges for fun and had a shot go wide. Wotton seemed to be in midfield on his own with hardly any support from Summerfield, this meant that Cardiff dominated that area.

And then disaster. Barness stretched to send a back pass to McCormick, except that he didn't get enough on it and there was Chopra to round McCormick and evade a tackle from Aljofree, he steadied himself on the 6 yard line ( like he was taking the piss) and then put us out of our misery by finally scoring. 2 nil. A real soft goal.

Norris had a shout for a penalty after being physically assaulted in the area but the ref waved play on. It was one of those days.

Surely there would be changes for the second half? No, it was as you were.

With Argyle looking to build up a head of steam and at least salvage some pride during the second half, disaster struck again! Aljofree mis-controlled the ball (school boy error), Cardiff raced away and scored, easy as you like. 3 nil, a real soft goal. 3 goals all from rank bad defending.

Oh well time to go home, this was a complete shambles. No idea's, no tactics and no chance.

SEB did offer some token resistance with a shot that was saved. And then finally some substitutions from Holloway. Barness was finally put out of his misery and Wotton was also taken off, which was a big surprise because I thought he was playing a lot better than the anonymous Summerfield. On came Nalis and Buzsaky. Capaldi went to left back and Hodges went to right back. Hold on.... Hodges went to right back? Yep, weird eh? (Hodges has now played for Argyle at right back, left back, left midfield, centre midfield, striker and sub goalie).

Immediately the team were lifted by Nalis and Buzsaky, so why the hell were they dropped Mr Holloway? Buzsaky put a clever cross in and McNaughton put the ball into his own net. 3-1. A real soft goal. Oh well Argyle grabbed a consolation goal. It would be impossible to score another 2, wouldn't it? But there is plenty of time left.

Now it was all Argyle, the crowd really got behind them and maybe, just maybe there could be a tiny chance of another goal.

And there it was.

Capaldi crossed the ball in, there was an almighty scamble and the ball eventually crossed the line, or did it? It was kicked out and then kicked back in again. And yes! The ref awarded the goal. Pure drama. I reckon Hayles got it but Fitz on the PA bellowed out the name of SEB. A real soft goal.

Game on!

Attack was the order of the day as the crowd urged the players on, that now included Chadwick who replaced the injured SEB. A long ball from defence bounced in the Cardiff area and there was Chadwick who jumped with Purse who headed it over the keeper and in! Own goal again. Yes!!

Chaos, total chaos. 3-3. Argyle came back from 3 nil down to draw level!

Now let's win the darn thing. Argyle were not content with a draw, they went for it but despite a few corners and free kicks it just wouldn't happen.

It finished 3-3. Phew!

Argyle were totally clueless for much of this game. The defence, apart from Doumbe, all made mistakes which cost goals. Hodges lack of pace is a real worry, he will be targetted by pacy wingers, as he was in this match. Barness wasn't up to Championship football after being out for so long. Summerfield in the midfield was totally anonymous but raised his game when Wotton went off. Hayles and SEB really struggled with the steady stream of long high balls played to them. The big Cardiff centre backs gobbled them up all day.

The turning point was when Nalis and Buzsaky came on. I still can't believe they were dropped. If Buzsaky is not up to 2 games in 4 days following his injury, then play your best team first and then if Buzsaky tires, then take him off.

Argyle really do need a big centre back, it's becoming more obvious with each game. Holloway also needs help with his decisions and in training. Where are Breacker and Penrice? While Argyle, QPR and the two coaches try to sort out the mess, (is it financial reasons?), Argyle are losing valuable points at home. Holloway really needs help.

What other Championship club operates with just a manager and one coach?

The plus points tonight is that the team never gave up. Once that first goal went in they had a belief thay they could pull it around.

Welcome to the Kevin Keegan style of football and management.

MOM: Norris

Monday, November 06, 2006

Birmingham City, 1995 and stuff

Not a team we have played that often over the years but whilst I am adding to my blog I may as well "fess up" as they say.

What follows some may see as entirely shameless and a complete abdication of responsibility but somehow I don't think any true supporters of any club will feel that way...

The last time we played them at Home Park in a league game was April 19th 1995 (thanks to Semper Viridis for the exact details). I remembered that it was 1995 because that was the year Mrs B and I got married. We had fixed the date for April 8th due to reasons far too personal to elaborate on here and much to my dismay it coincided with a home game. In what proved to be a long, desperate and ultimately futile season a real crunch game loomed for the same day. Shrewsbury at home. Still no matter how you cut it sometimes Argyle just has to take second place. Our wedding plans went ahead unaltered and as an aside I can honestly say I enjoyed one of the very greatest days of my life.

There is a silver lining to the cloud of missing the game. We selected To Be A Pilgrim, much to the Minister's amusement, as one of the wedding hymns and as far as I am able to tell the congregation in the church was lustily belting it out as Mad Dog Mark Patterson made a trademark lung-busting dash down the right wing. This time he scored!! Nobody else did and the game ended 1-0 to the Argyle. Hope springs eternal as they say and this result gave us a glimpse of safety in what had been a season of dour struggle.

It did not last long. Shilton's (was he still in charge? I doubt it. Steve McCall, maybe, or had he gone too? Did we have a manager at all?) hapless saps, for that is what they were, soon lost the next game at Swansea and the abyss loomed ever closer as Mrs B and I honeymooned down in Cornwall. We stayed in a cottage in a tiny village called Treknow which is on the north coast and not fair from Tintagel. Now obviously besotted newly weds are going to come up for air occasionally and venture forth into the local town for supplies of champagne, chocolate body paint, banking purposes and the like and it was on one of these forays that I spied the locked-in-time premises that passed as the Fry's Coaches HQ. On the forecourt outside there was a blackboard and it advertised travel to Home Park for the next game v. Birmingham City. For some reason this caught my eye. "Oh look at that" I said, "they run a coach up to Plymouth from here for a game. Fancy that!!"

(You can tell what's coming can't you?)

The fortnight we spent there wound on. Most evenings were spent at the rather splendid Fort William pub. Some at the nearly as splendid The Mill. The walks home were rather wonderful since they were relatively brief, although agonisingly uphill, and bright and dry days kept the sky crystal clear at night. The number of stars visible in the night sky seemed to mimic the endless infinity of the space in which they existed. To this confirmed city dweller they were a truly amazing sight. I’m not one for horoscopes but you could see why the aincients were so obsessed by the night sky and how the awe it inspires has driven study and discovery in the fields of mathematics and science in general. But I digress...

Then out of the blue on the way home on the Monday night "why don't you get the bus to the game tomorrow?" You could have knocked me down with a feather. Like I said we were both "newly wed, besotted".

The next day we looked into it. No need to reserve a seat just turn up at the pick up point. Mrs B decided to give the game a miss and so, with a pasty in my pocket, off I went on my lonesome.

The coach was clearly filled (almost) with people who regularly made the trip and knew one another well. A fresh face was something of a novelty and I was the centre of some attention. "What's your name? Where do you live? Who do you support? Why are you here?" "On honeymoon", I said. The whole coach seemed to go "ooooooooooooohhhhhh!!" as one. I sensed elbows being nudged gently into ribs and knowing glances being exchanged.

The coach wound it's way via God alone knows where across deepest and darkest Cornwall, including funnily enough Treknow - they didn't tell me that when I enquired, where they picked up an Old Boy named Cecil if I recall accurately who was the focus of much affection and gentle leg pulling by the others. He put up a robust defence of Dan McCauley as I remember which flew somewhat in the face of popular opinion at the time.

There was a great atmosphere at the game; to start with at any rate. Floodlights always seem to add to the buzz and a floodlit pitch complete, with each player having 4 shadows, always accentuates the sense of theatre for me. Sadly we lost 3-1. I remember little of the occasion except for the crushing disappointment as yet another nail was hammered into the relegation coffin by Barry Fry's Blues. They had a diminuitive Portuguese winger. Dominguez, perhaps? Who had one hell of a tussle with Patterson throughout. I remember one challenge where the Portuguezer was annoyed by a Patto sliding tackle where Patto had managed to rake his studs from ankle to thigh up the back of the little chap's leg. They had quite an old-fashioned ding dong throughout.

Justice, of a sort, was done in the end. Birmingham were by far the better team and we lost 3-1. Not long after they were promoted as champions and we were relegated after finishing 4th from bottom.

The team that day was:

Nicholls, Dalton, Skinner, Patterson, Nugent, Swan, Castle, Ross, Edworthy, Hill, Naylor. Subs - Landon

Just how a team that had gone from being so good the season before to being so bad that season remains a mystery to this day. I suppose Shilton was at the root of it all and the Shilton/McCauley feud was probably the lowest ever point to be an Argyle fan but the whole season was a disaster from start to finish. We lost our first 3 home games 5-1, 5-1 and 3-0!! Even those shockers paled into insignificance against a 7-0 humiliation at Brentford (who beat us on aggregate 12-1 over the 2 league games). Word is that the team was severely split into factions who all hated each other and above all everybody hated Shilton. On top of that there was the Peter Swan/Steve Castle thing about who should captain the team. Still how a team that included Nicholls, Dalton, Patterson, Nugent, Castle and Edworthy ever got relegated shows quite how badly the team and players must have been handled. Demotivated and rotten to the core just about describes it.

It didn't spoil the honeymoon though!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

QPR Match Report - 9/9/6

Argyle 1 QPR 1

Ebanks-Blake 30. Blackstock 16.

Attn: 12,138

McCormick 5, Connolly 5, Doumbe 7, Aljofree 6, Hodges 7, Norris 8, Wotton 7, Nalis 7, Buzsaky 7 (Chadwick), Hayles 8, SEB 8 (Reid).

Subs not used: Sawyer, Summerfield, Capaldi.

We absolutely battered 'em (for most of the game anyway) but "it" just wouldn't fall for Argyle. The front four of Norris, Hayles, SEB and Buzsaky put on a superb attacking display but just couldn't force a way through.

Holloway dropped Chadwick and Capaldi and brought in SEB and Buzsaky, who started on the left of midfield but constantly swapped wings with Norris throughout the game.
Old foe Marc Bircham played in the midfield for QPR, although he has now washed the bird shit out of his hair!

Argyle had the first chance when a Buzsaky free kick was headed just wide by Hayles at the near post. The opening of the game was a very tame affair with both sides content to sit back, the disappointing low crowd were also very quiet.

And then, at last after 3 games with 6 goals all scored in the Barn Park End , a goal in the Devonport End! But it wasn't scored by Argyle. A low cross into the area found former Argyle loanee Blackstock unmarked, McCormick failed to close him down and Blackstock got a touch to put the ball through McCormick's legs and the ball trickled over the line. 1-0 to QPR and another howler from McCormick.

Hayles then had a good shout for a penalty but the ref waved away his appeal. A Buzsaky 25 yard free kick troubled the top of the net as Argyle at last awoke from their slumber.
A Norris cross found Hayles but he headed wide but not to worry because an Argyle goal was on its way. SEB got onto the end of a long ball from Connolly that skimmed a defenders head, he rounded the advancing QPR keeper and from a tight angle slammed the ball in. 1-1.

Argyle were now full of confidence and began to surge forward in numbers, with Hayles and SEB causing all sorts of problems. SEB made a great run to the by-line, pulled the ball back across the goal but it just evaded Hayles' out-stretched toe-nail.

Holloway and Waddock then had a war of words on the touchline in which the fourth official had to sort out. Maybe Waddock was annoyed that Holloway still hadn't cleaned out his desk.

Norris then had a great chance when he closed down an attempted clearance from a defender and only had the keeper to beat, but he couldn't get the bouncing ball under control and the defender got back to clear.

It was all Argyle for the second half, QPR didn't seem interested and just sat back and soaked up wave after wave of Argyle's attacks. Buzsaky beat three defenders and let fly from a tight angle but his effort went wide. As usual we saw the best and worst of Buzsaky today. His simple short passes went astray but his 50 yard Hollywood style passes were bang on the button. It just comes with the territory now, we'll just have to accept it with Buzsaky. His corners were also poor, probably due to his flash yellow banana skin boots. Why? What's wrong with black. Mr Buzz when you are a regular in the team and playing well then you can wear your flash boots!

Aljofree did have to make a great tackle after a mistake by McCormick but apart from that it was all Argyle. Hayles and SEB linked up once again but SEB headed over Hayles' cross from 12 yards out. A sweet one-two between the two strikers put Norris in on goal but he delayed his shot and a QPR defender got back and got a tackle in. SEB then headed over from a Norris cross and ditto for Hayles who did the same from a Hodges cross. Basically there were too many chances to keep a count of.

Holloway replaced the tiring Buzsaky and SEB with Reid and Chadwick (who proved totally ineffective), but the changes didn't work and Argyle's attacks faded away. McCormick did make a good save late in the game but it would have been a travesty if Argyle lost that game.

Argyle should have buried a poor QPR side. The chances were there but the ball just wouldn't go in. QPR were just the same as all the teams coming to Home Park now, looking for a draw or nick a late goal but above all waste as much time as possible.

Hayles and SEB look a real good partnership, both lack the neccessary height but are really strong players. With their short legs and squat, strong torso they do look alike. It was very evident that when Chadwick replaced SEB Argyle's attacking play suffered.

Norris had another great game, whether he was on the left or on the right, he drove the team forward. The defence looked a bit suspect during the first half with Hodges being the pick of the bunch. Connolly had a mare, his passes and tackles didn't find their target but he did have a hand in Argyle's goal. Barness is a better defender but for some reason he's out of favour, so Seip will be in the side soon, I reckon.

Come back Larrieu we need you and quick. The defence are shit scared of McCormick, he doesn't give them confidence, BUT he is a good shot stopper as this game proved.

Holloway had real good moan about the size of the crowd after the Sheffield Wednesday game, well this game at over 2,000 less. Thankfully the packed QPR end boosted the attendance figure.

What a poor turn out, you all missed an entertaining game. Yes, some long balls were still played upfront but the football at other times was very good.

Oh and we had the best ref we have had for a long time.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sheffield Wednesday Match Report - 19/8/6

Argyle 1 Sheff W. 2

Wotton (pen) 42: McAllister 51. O'Brien 82:

Attn: 14,507.

McCormick 5, Connolly 5, Doumbe 5, Aljofree 6, Hodges 5, Norris 7, Wotton 7, Summerfield 6 (Djordjic 6 ), Capaldi 4 ( Buzsaky 6), Hayles 6, Chadwick 6 ( SEB 7).

Subs not used: Sawyer, Reid.

Argyle suffered their first loss of the season as Sheffield Wednesday nicked the points in typical Sturrock style. Holloway changed the team from the Sunderland game and dropped Ebanks-Blake in favour of Chadwick, otherwise it was as you were.

Well that was a bit of a shambles.

Why have a lovely manicured pitch when the ball spends as little time as possible on it? Why boot the ball as high and as far as possible to two shortish strikers playing against two tall lumbering centre backs?

After producing my season ticket wallet and membership card and then my voucher and then my passport and driving licence and inside leg measurements I was eventually allowed into the ground.

Wotton and Coughlan shared a frosty handshake, not looking each other in the eye at the toss up. Sheff W had the first chance when a ball through the Argyle defence for Wade Small left Doumbe and McCormick in confusion, McCormick could have come out but stood his ground. Luckily Small shot wide when he should have scored.

As torrential rain poured down, Norris won a nailed on penalty as he latched onto a through ball from Hayles and was hacked down from behind in the penalty area. Out on the streets it would have been classed as GBH and 4 years inside. Wotton was just about to pick the ball up and place it on the spot when the ref (Mr Melin) waved play on! Hey, how is that then? Why didn't Melin give it? What about the linesman? He was closer and didn't give it!

Wotton then had a 25 yard free kick sail narrowly wide.

At the start of the game Capaldi lined up at left back but as the game progressed both he and Hodges alternated between left back and left midfield. This just didn't work at all. Time after time Wednesday exploited this as both Hodges and Capaldi were caught upfield, it was left to Aljofree to come across and provide the cover, getting injured and receiving a yellow card on one occasion.

And then the ref did give finally Argyle a penalty, which is just as well because he never gave Argyle anything else! Hayles chased a stray back pass to Jones, the Wednesday keeper had run out to near the corner flag to clear it. The attempted clearance hit Hayles and rebounded into the area. With Hayles now advancing on goal he was brought down by the desperate Jones. The ref had a look at his linesman, who was further away but made the decision and gave Argyle the penalty. As Jones was the last man he had to be sent off, those are the rules. Not according to this ref they're not! Jones just got a yellow card! Now Wotton could place the ball on the spot and thump it in, low and hard. 1-0.

Overall the first half didn't offer much excitement.

And so on to the now traditional half time entertainment provided by Djordjic.

Would Holloway change it around and tell the players not to hoof it as far as possible only for Coughlan and his equally tall mate to head it back? No. But Hodges did stay at left back.

And then disaster, which could have been avoided. O'Brien broke down Argyle's right and put in a great cross, Hodges and Aljofree got sucked into the middle, McCormick flapped and there was McAllister at the far post. Not to worry Capaldi would have tracked him back. Except he didn't. The unmarked McAllister had time to pick his spot and shoot. 1-1. Basics, basics, basics.

Argyle did show some urgency, especially after Buzsaky and Djordjic were introduced, but the ball was still booted high to Hayles and Chadwick and, yep you guessed it, Coughlan headed it straight back.

Ebanks-Blake replaced Chadwick, but Sheff W could have taken the lead when Brunt lobbed McCormick but his effort hit the top of the cross bar. McCormick just didn't inspire any confidence to his defence, who were all jittery.

Argyle now enjoyed a purple patch and at last put some pressure on Coughlan and co. but just as the game seemed to swing Argyle's way, Sheff W broke away and Kenny Lunt (or is he called Lenny?) put O'Brien away with a great pass. O'Brien coolly slotted past McCormick to make it 2-1.

In the closing minutes Ebanks-Blake could have grabbed a hat-trick. First his header from a Buzsaky free kick was saved on the line by Jones, the Sheff keeper. And then with Argyle piling on the pressure Hayles hit the crossbar, Ebanks-Blake shot just wide and then came the chance of the game in the last minute - Ebanks-Blake got on the end of a cross and with the goal at his mercy he headed over. What a miss!

Game over.

It's work in progress for Holloway but some of the play baffled me. Hodges and Capaldi didn't get to grips on who was playing left back. This confusion contributed to Sheff W's first goal.

Chadwick and Hayles didn't gel. I didn't think Hayles was contributing much until he won the penalty. He didn't get involved much in the second half either. I suppose it's difficult when the ball isn't played to feet. Ollie - Evans isn't here anymore!

Capaldi disappointed me, he was at fault for the first goal, he just didn't stay with his player.
It was obvious the players were allowed to express themselves, Norris left his position on the right several times and wandered across the forward line, a hanging offence when Pulis was in charge. Sheff W. won every ball in the air, in defence and attack, even though all their strikers are injured. Lack of height in the Argyle team is being exposed. We need that "beast" pretty darn quick, actually we need two "beasts", one up front and one in defence.

Still one defeat after 4 games isn't bad but after todays performance Holloway has a lot of work to do but don't worry Ollie, we are all behind you.

MOM: Norris

Coming Soon

Over on the Pasoti boards for some time now a fella named PL2 3DQ has been writing match reports for most of the home games. I think they are brilliant and deserve wider recognition than they get there. I suggested to him that he start blogging his reports so that they hung around in cyberspace for a while longer than they do on Pasoti but he didn't want to.

Until now that has meant that they have sadly just dropped off into the great void. Well here's some good news!! I have asked him if he minds that I copy them onto here and he does not. I don't know if he has an archive of these things or not but at present the furthest back I can go is to the Sheffield Wednesday game. Sadly PL2 decided that a holiday was more important than Argyle and so this is his first effort for this season.

The match reports that will follow in due course are all his work. Not mine. I take no credit for them at all other than to say I know a good thing when I see it and that he has been asked for and granted his permission for me to copy them.